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investigation is under way at a san jose water treatment plant after a toxic spill triggered a shelter in place. we'll have a live report straight ahead. a hailstorm swept through parts of the bay area this morning. more wild weather is yet to come this weekend. we'll have the details coming up. a major international military intervention is under way in libya tonight. and japan deals with the new challenges connected to the crippled nuclear power plant. the news at 5:00 starts now.
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good evening. i'm marla tellez in for diane dwyer. we begin tonight with the toxic leak in san jose. they've called a shelter in place order in one neighborhood after hundreds of gallons of amoney a spilled at a water treatment plant. it happened on graystone lane near camden avenue. kimberly tere is there with the very latest. >> reporter: marla, san jose police had to go door to door north and northwest of here to let residents know of that shelter in place order, which as you mentioned has since been lifted. it was an ammonia leak earlier today that prompted the order in the first place. and also a quick response from san jose fire just after 11:00 this morning. fire officials say the leak inside the treatment plant is now well under control. 250 gallons of liquid amoney yo, though, leaked out of its tank into a secondary tank today, where it has been contained.
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according to the santa clara valley water district the plant has not been in operation since early this month because of some construction. but a worker doing routine checks fond the leak and alerted authorities. >> ammonia leak itself, its first exposure will be an inhalation exposure. keep in mind that this type of ammonia that is here is a 19% ammonia, and it's really no different than the ammonia that you might have in your home. >> reporter: again, to be clear that ammonia leak has been contained. officials think there is no threat to public health. san jose police have not received any 911 calls from residents complaining about health issues related to this incident. the santa clara valley water district is investigating what caused the leak and has brought in a hazardous material team to help with the cleanup. kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. san francisco had its own
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scare today after a suspicious backpack was found in a garbage can near center diann feinstein's home. it was discovered near the intersection of argua boulevard and washington street. people were asked to head to the back of their homes while the bomb squad investigated. they found only personal items inside. police have not specified exactly why the backpack was deemed suspicious. as we mentioned earlier, more extreme weather is headed for the bay area. we have meteorologist nick o'kelley to explain what to expect next. >> we can expect a little bit of everything, marla. today, a little break in the action, at times for some of us. here's a look at the doppler radar system. the east bay getting a much-needed break after the hail stones came down this morning. you can see the rain is filling back in across the peninsula and it's starting to increase in intensity.
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there is another round of heavy rain and very strong winds heading our way tonight, into tomorrow. warnings, watches, flags are flying. we've got winter storm warnings for the lake tahoe area above 7,000 feet. we're talking about much more snow coming your way overnight tonight. we've got high wind warnings and advisories for the central valley. and for the bay area, some folks could be looking at gusts upwards of 50 to 60 miles per hour overnight tonight. the highest winds being in the santa cruz mountains. all of us are going to get things blown around pretty good tonight. the rainfall accumulations with the latest storm will be pretty significant for all of us. we'll talk about that with our seven-day forecast coming your way in just a few minutes. american, european and arab allies have launched the largest military intervention in an arab country since the invasion of iraq. president obama said moammar gadhafi left them with no other choice after he defied an
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ultimatum issued by the u.n. security council. nbc bay area's brian moore has the very latest. >> reporter: french jets punished libyan armed forces on saturday as moammar gadhafi defied u.n. orders to cease his attacks on civilians. hours later, u.s. military ships followed up with a barrage of missiles. >> over 110 tomahawk cruise missiles fired from both u.s. and british ships and sab marines struck more than 20 air defense systems and facilities ashore. >> reporter: speaking from the capital of brazil, president obama said gadhafi had a chance to back down but didn't. >> i want the american people to know the use of force is not our first choice, and not a choice that i make lightly. but we cannot stand idly by. >> reporter: western forces own the sky, but the situation on the ground was chaotic. video posted on social media
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sites purported to show fighting in eastern libya. this video shows a libyan warplane plummeting to the ground. but there's no confirmation which side it was on or who shot it down. in paris, secretary of state clinton was coordinating diplomatic efforts. she vowed the united states will back u.n. actions but not with ground troops. >> now, america has unique capabilities, and we will bring them to bear to help our european and canadian allies and arab partners, to stop further violence against civilians. >> reporter: meanwhile, back in washington, a group of demonstrators protested any involvement of american troops who still have a footprint in two war zones. brian moore, nbc news, washington. >> today there are new concerns in japan's nuclear crisis. firefighters continue to spray water on the damaged nuclear power plant in fukushima, but now japanese leaders say harmful
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radiation levels have been defected in food and water near the plant. nbc's robert bazell has the latest from tokyo. >> reporter: there's two pieces of important news today concerning the crippled nuclear reactors north of here. there's electricity at two of them. they'll try to get the pumps working. others, diesel-powered generators do have the coolant falling. and the big fire trucks we've been seeing so much have poured 1,500 gallons into one of the tanks. the other thing we've heard is that the japanese government found trace amounts of radiation in samples of spinach and milk in the north of japan. they said that the amounts were very small. so small, that if you drank one glass of milk every day for a year, you would get the same amount of radiation as you would get from a ct scan. and if you ate one portion of spinach every day for a year, you would get a fifth as much. even though the radiation in the food is a small amount, and the government is trying to be reassuring about it, it shows why this is such a disaster. because those kind of points
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will go on for months, maybe even years. no matter how much you try to reassure the public, it always sounds frightening. that shows why it's so crucial that they get this radiation under control as soon as possible. back to you. >> and tonight we do have an update on the money raised during our telethon for victims of japan's triple disaster. in just 17 hours, bay area donors raised more than $417,000 for the northern japan earthquake relief fund. now, if you would still like to donate, you can do so by calling 415-529-132 it. next at 5:00, why at least one san jose council member is trying to put the brakes on a hard-fought deal with the firefighters union. also, what led dozens of oakland police officers to break out the razors and shave their heads today. why does everyone assume that. >> and a behind-the-scenes look
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a two-alarm fire in berkeley this morning destroyed a mechanic shop. flames broke out around 3:45 a.m. for the east bay regional parks district. it took about 40 firefighters to put out the fire. no one was hurt. but the shop is a complete loss. one park district resident said the flames rose quickly. >> they were bright orange flames already climbing a good 15 feet, 12, 15 feet in the air. it was really quick thereafter.
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it got much, much bigger. i think probably within 15, 20 minutes it was about, you know, 30, 40 feet high. and it probably topped out around 80 feet. >> we're told the shop was full of fuel, oil, gas and other tools. the cause of that fire is under investigation. not so fast. some san jose leaders say the city should think twice before approving that tentative deal with the firefighters union. the "mercury news" is reporting that yesterday in a last-minute proposal, councilman sam lacardo suggested postponing tuesday's vote on that deal. firefighters agreed to a 10% salary cut to help the city close its $105 million budget gap. now lacardo says the concessions are just not enough. mayor reed said while he agrees the 10% cut is not enough, he wants to move ahead with the contract. historically san jose firefighter unions have had a defiant altitude when it comes to city demands.
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putting a stop to foreclo sthurs in california was the goal of a conference today in oakland. hundreds of people came out to support the homeowner protection package bill. the state senator mark leno introduced this bill this month which aims to give homeowners more notice before a foreclosure happens. as well as give them more rights when violations happen in the loan modification process. foreclosure victims shared their stories at the st. louis bertrand church this morning. one mother of six explained how her bank sold her home despite the fact she was working with them on a loan modification plan. >> this all came to a screeching halt last fall when one day i
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came home from work and there was a notice pinned to my door telling me to vacate the premises in three days. bank of america had sold my house at auction while i was in the middle of loan modification proceedings. >> this bill would also impose a fee of $20,000 on a foreclosing party in order to offset the economic impact of foreclosures on cities, counties, school districts and the states. oakland police officers lost all their hair today, but it was all for a worthy cause. opd officers sat patiently and watched as their heads were entirely shaved. it was all part of a st. bal drik's foundation event for cancer research. 28 barbers from around the area showed up at children's hospital in oakland to help police show solidarity with children suffering from cancer. this is the second year the department has participated in this event. most of the time science fiction movies are filled with
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action sequences, horror and suspense. but this weekend it's the debut of a science fiction movie that relies more on laughs. the new comedy "paul" is from some of the people who brought us "hot fuzz" and "sean of the dead." mark barger has the deals. >> are you an alien? >> to you, i am. >> are you going to probe us? >> reporter: "paul" features a couple of sci-fi geeks making a ufo pilgrimage in the southwest. that's where they have a close encounter with the title character. an alien who happens to move and sound a lot like seth rogan. >> i haven't eaten a dead bird, have i? >> back in 2003, we said let's make a film somewhere where it doesn't rain. our brains immediately went to the desert. and straight to aliens. >> reporter: "saturday night live's" bill haighter figures in
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the mix. his profile has risen in recent days after his "snl" spoof of charlie sheen. >> gnarly rock star lines. >> it was like, i'm trying to balance it. when i watched it back, i thought, oh, there it is, no. whatever. >> reporter: his "snl" co-star is also part of the "paul" ensemble it's a film that tries to blend the movie genres. >> e.t. meets midnight run type of exciting action movie. with some laughs. >> reporter: laughter that they hope is universal. mark barger, nbc news. well, if you stepped outside at all today, there's a good chance you got wet. the rain coming down in marin was indicative of the weather across the bay area. while today was a lot calmer outdoors than yesterday, nick o'kelley is here to explain how it's just a pause before more wild weather rolls in. say it isn't so.
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>> i'm sorry, it is. a great movie watching weather i guess is the upside to this. there are several good flicks to catch. we'll start you off with a look at the doppler radar. it shows that we've seen maybe a few breaks for the east bay today. but the rain continues to move on in. and there's actually a striking punch coming our way, well, really just a couple of hours from now. winter storm warnings up for the sierra, mainly above 7,000 feet. that's where our freezing level is. it's relatively mild. look at all this moisture. i'm going to shift sides here and show you, you can see a well-defined kind of comma shaped system out here. that's an area of low pressure. this one is tightly wound. it's going to have a lot of wind with it. saturated soil with all the wind we've been seeing. i'm a little worried we're going to see some downed trees, possibly some power lines with this as the winds move in, starting overnight tonight. the weather service has issued a wind advisory in effect for the entire bay area. and a storm warning for the high
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terrain, also a high wind warning for the santa cruz mountains. winds in the high spots could be gusting on the order of 60 miles per hour overnight tonight. again, that will be up in the hills. santa cruz mountains, east bay hills. here's a look at current wind speeds. southeast at 17 miles per hour at hayward gusting up to 25 and 30 already. so here are the headlines tonight. it's going to be windy. the windows, eaves going to be rattling. probably thunderstorms embedded in this system. tumbling area of low pressure. this is big. there's a lot of cold air. it's not going to move quickly. we'll stay with the wet unsettled weather pattern all the way into spring, which starts tomorrow. the rain moves through. we'll see showers, isolated thunderstorms, gusty winds, hail embedded in there as well. a big rainmaker. most spots will see an inch or two, at least, as this system moves onshore, upwards of five, six inches in the high spots
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overnight tonight. temperatures actually relatively mild overnight, with readings in the 40s to about 50 degrees. let's fly around the bay. the temperatures really won't be the big story. it's going to be the winds. for our valley locations, gusting to 35 and 40 miles per hour. yep, sure thing. in the high terrain, gusting as high as 60. that's definitely in the damaging wind range for us. temperatures over the next several days, really won't go anywhere. i mentioned that spring begins tomorrow at 4:21. maybe you could see a break or two of sunshine. here's your forecast. well, it's the wrong forecast. i'll just have to voice over it. there's a lot more cloud cover. we'll show you the real seven-day forecast at the end. show. >> that looks nice, though. >> rain all the way through. let's stick with that one, shall we? but it's going to be cool and wet all week long. >> good movie-watching weather. but not good sports weather. lawrence scott joining us now. giants fans concerned about the health of their closer. >> brian wilson started camp
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with a back problem and now gets an mri to check his oblique muscle. the question is will he be ready for opening day. stanford women defending home court in the first round of the women's ncaa tournament. the latest from naples. masters.our rolling through e. ortfpa the tune-up. we're back in moments. hey marcel, watch this!
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good evening. the giants get some concerning news about their closer today. more on that in moments. they were hosting the royals in scottsdale. coming up with nice defense all day. helping out barry zito in a big way. gives up just two hits. a couple of them taken back by
5:25 pm
pablo sandavol. here's two so lo homers. this one off of k.c.'s chen. bottom four, buster posey matches ross with three homers. ripped here. aubrey huff would later get his fourth of the spring. an mri revealed brian wilson has a strained oblique muscle. early concern was he could possibly not be ready for opening day. but the latest is that he will be shut down until monday and then reevaluated. wilson said today he doesn't think it's bad enough that he would miss the opener. into next week we will know more. the a's facing the white sox. nice day here. ryan sweeney adds a homer. 8-3, oakland wins. special guests on the farm for the first round.
5:26 pm
condoleezza rice making the scene. one of stanford's professors before becoming secretary of state. active off the jump, 12 points in the first half, leading the charge for the cardinals. now into the second half, stanford well in control. with a 20-point lead. the masters is fast approaching. here on nbc, we had the third round of the transitions championship in florida. plenty of birdies, a few eagles and then this winged creature in palm harbor. could be a taradaktile. probably not. 214 yards to the pin. and in. the hole in one. nothing better than a hole in one. two shots back of the leader justin rose who enters tomorrow's final round at 1300. we'll have it here on nbc. >> we hope brian wilson is right and it's not that bad. >> it is the kind of thing, tim
5:27 pm
hudson of the a's had this when he was pitching for the a's.the. there. >> thank you, lawrence. >> sure thing.
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you may want to do a little stargazing tonight. or more accurately, how about some moon gazing. tonight the moon will be bigger and brighter than it has been in 20 years. the moon's oval orbit places it closer to the earth this time of year, which just happens to coincide with a full moon phase. the so-called supermoon will look about 14% bigger and 30% brighter than normal. the science center is hosting a free telescope viewing tonight from 7:30 to 10:30. the best time to see the supermoon is just after sunset. that is, of course, if we get a break in the clouds. nick, it's -- >> grimace, yeah. not looking great. lots of clouds. lots of wind tonight. we'll take a look at the seven-day again. >> t
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